Why Choose CHAP for Your Accreditation?

CHAP Accredited Provider

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As a benefit of CHAP accreditation, CHAP regularly publishes an up-to-date listing of all CHAP accredited organization locations. Use this tool to search by agency name, service line or by location.


Business Growth and Financial Success

Accreditation leads to two things: Better quality care. Better business performance.

CHAP standards are specific to home and community-based care, they provide practical, straightforward guidance to our partners’ specific business model. Many CHAP accredited organizations use them as part of their business plan. New or developing organizations use CHAP standards and partnership as a foundation for growth.

CHAP has deeming authority granted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to determine whether you meet their quality standards and the Medicare Conditions of Participation. If you are a home health, hospice or a home medical equipment provider, you can opt to seek deemed status under CMS.

Through deemed status, you can reduce the number of Site Visits from different agencies, since deemed status accreditation can replace state surveys — with one exception, Medicare does validate our findings with a small sample (3 to 6 percent) of deemed organizations each year. This means that CMS holds us to the same standards we hold our partner organizations.

Whether your company is large or small, new or established, CHAP’s process and standards will help your business to continually improve.

Exceed Standards and Excel in Quality

Organizations are required to meet state and federal regulations to be able to operate. CHAP understands that organizations not only want to meet requirements, but exceed them to remain competitive.

When you provide the best care, patients and families will choose you. This translates into improvement in patient/ family satisfaction (CAHPS) scores.

CHAP standards go above and beyond the minimum guidelines so that you can lead the provision of care in your community, not simply participate in it.

Healthcare savvy customers have choices and high standards nowadays; CHAPs seal of approval demonstrates your commitment to quality delivery of care.

Professional Development Opportunities

Accreditation standards should also provide the right training and education to develop your staff. The CHAP accreditation process is educational — not punitive. CHAP is dedicated to helping organizations learn so they can provide better care, grow business and prepare for the future.

CHAP provides evidenced-based tools and information to help you gain knowledge beyond the Standards of Excellence; keeping up to date about the latest inside the community health industry.

Our online tools — available throughout this website and through CHAP LinQ — provide you with the resources organizations need to be accredited and educated. Our fact sheets, programs and webinars have proven success in affecting organization change.

CHAP provides real people in real time. If you ever have questions or concerns, our customer service representatives and Directors of Accreditation are available to help you. We’re committed to getting you the information and support you need.

Continuous Quality Improvement

The healthcare landscape continuously changes. CHAP changes right along with it, giving organizations flexibility and agility to navigate updates in rules, regulations and standards of care.

CHAP’s strategic partnerships and commitment to the latest research are some of our strongest assets. With them, we help organizations understand what’s happening and what’s to come.