Oregon Home Health & Hospice License Requirements

Home Health: License required

ORS 443.019 “(2)In lieu of an on-site inspection, the authority may accept a certification or accreditation from a federal agency or an accrediting body approved by the authority that the state licensing standards have been met, if:

(a)The certification or accreditation is recognized by the authority as addressing the standards and conditions of participation requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and any additional standards set by the authority;

(b)The agency or registry notifies the authority to participate in any exit interview conducted by the federal agency or accrediting body; and

(c)The agency or registry provides copies of all documentation concerning the certification or accreditation requested by the authority.”


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Hospice: License required

For license renewal: “Hospice – O.R.S. § 443.860 “”(b) May accept certification by a federal agency or accreditation by an accrediting organization approved by the department as evidence of compliance with the requirements for licensure adopted under paragraph (a) of this subsection if:

(A) The certification or accreditation meets standards and conditions established for hospice programs by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services;

(B) The hospice program invites the department to participate in any exit interview conducted by the agency or organization; and

(C) The hospice program provides the department with copies of all documentation requested by the department concerning the certification or accreditation.”


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