Career Certification

Certified professionals build stronger teams that produce efficiency, quality and growth.

CHAP’s Career Certification Workshops include industry-leading education, a dynamic learning environment, and a credential to leverage for growth.

Healthcare Sales Certification

Arlington, VA

18 CEs*

CHSP Certification

July 23 – 25

Home Care Operations Certification 

Basking Ridge, NJ

CHCPO Certification

August 14 -15

Home Health Operations Certification

San Diego, CA

18 CEs

CHHPO Certification

October 1 – October 3

Healthcare Leadership Certification

San Diego, CA

CHLead© Certification

October 8 – 9

Easy access to performance-improving education in community-based care was previously challenging, inconsistent, and expensive.  All while the expectation of clinical excellence and quality continues to rise.  Just as we use standards to empower agencies to deliver patient-centered care, our educational workshops use a consistent framework to educate, train, and certify people.

A Career Certification is perfect if you want to:

Three Types of Career Certifications

The curriculum is built around the following pillars, here is what you can expect to learn.


Fiscal management

Running an efficient agency is hard. Every decision has an impact on other parts of your business. Whether its staffing ratios, referral management, payor mix, supply management or one of the many other budgetary factors, our workshop will focus on connecting these financial pieces so you can run a balanced agency.

Employee engagement & turnover reduction

Appropriate staffing is an essential part of running a successful agency. Turnover is not only expensive but a detriment to your agency’s culture and the continuity of patient care. Employee engagement starts in the recruitment stage and never ends. This workshop covers how to set up your employment processes to support and retain your most valuable asset – your employees.

Leadership skills development

Great leaders set up an agency for operational excellence, satisfied patients, and engaged employees. This workshop will deliver the skills required to engage employees and create a culture that attracts quality candidates. We cover principles of leadership, how to create a synergistic team environment, effective communication, meeting management, and many other critical leadership skills.

Agency growth, marketing, & business development strategies

From developing strategic partnerships to leveraging healthcare innovation models, we review several tactics and strategies to help you uncover hidden opportunities in your market.

Compliance & quality improvement

Compliance and quality improvement are essential aspects of running a successful agency. The workshop will increase your knowledge on compliance topics and help you develop and maintain an outstanding quality improvement program.

Healthcare Sales

Consultative sales process

You will learn a proven, simple, step-by-step sales process that will help develop the interpersonal skills required to navigate complicated referral source relationships. This process is predictable, repeatable, and empowers you to use root-cause analysis skills to identify the next step to move an account forward or dissect why a referral source is not active.

Practice and role play

The only way we improve skills is through practice. Our workshop will provide low-stress opportunities for practicing, developing, or creating new sales skills. We will also use learning scenarios and small group activities to solidify your learning.

Advanced referral generation tactics and strategies

From developing strategic partnerships to leveraging healthcare innovation models, we review several tactics and strategies to help you uncover hidden opportunities in your market.

Regulatory Compliance

Growing your referrals in a compliant and ethical manner is critical to a successful agency. Our workshop teaches you how to maintain compliance and grow your business.


Healthcare Leadership Certification Workshop

Master Diverse Leadership Styles

Learn to adapt and apply different leadership styles to suit various situations and team dynamics. This approach enhances your flexibility and effectiveness as a leader, enabling you to meet organizational goals and employee needs more efficiently.

Enhance Coaching Techniques

Develop advanced coaching skills that empower you to foster growth, boost morale, and enhance the performance of your team members. By becoming a better coach, you contribute directly to the professional development of your staff and the overall success of your healthcare organization.

Navigate Complex Personalities

Gain insights into managing a wide range of personalities in the workplace. Understanding and adapting to diverse behaviors and needs can lead to a more harmonious work environment and improve team collaboration and productivity.

Implement Effective Leadership Strategies

Discover proven strategies that enhance decision-making, conflict resolution, and team motivation. Equip yourself with the tools to build a resilient team that can navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

How Certification Works

Attend a Workshop

Industry experts lead our two-and-a half-day workshops. We developed a practical framework to support your agencies’ mission and purpose.

Earn a Certification

Our workshops offer three different certification options:

  • Certified Hospice Professional Operator© (CHPO©)
  • Certified Home Health Professional Operator© (CHHPO©)
  • Certified Healthcare Sales Professional© (CHSP©)
  • Certified Home Care Professional Operator© (CHCPO©)

Each Certification comes with a media kit to help market your certification as well as a digital badge making it easy to add it to LinkedIn and business cards/collateral.


Certifications can play a significant role in improving internal operations and leadership fundamentals, which can help to increases stability within your agency. You will gain knowledge and skills that enable you to execute continuous quality improvement techniques and systems. They help to manage and design tactics that lead to better consumer safety, satisfaction, and outcomes. Certification provides differentiation and credibility for referral sources, which can ultimately help an organization grow.

Take it to the Next Level

As an add-on to our in-person workshops, we provide coaching with executive-level sales coaches. This includes a monthly or bi-monthly, solution-focused call where the sole focus is on you. This call is your time to engage an outside, impartial seasoned professional in a problem-solving conversation. Not only will this reinforce new skills learned in the workshop, it will provide you the individualized attention that will optimize your success.

Meet your Facilitators

Daniel Stephens

Senior Vice President, Center for Excellence

Dr. Jennifer Kennedy

Vice President, Quality, Standards, & Compliance

Jan Sweat

Vice President of Learning Solutions

Denise Stanford

CFE Executive Director

Kassi Ellison

Vice President of Growth Consulting

Keri Culhane

Clinical Nurse Educator

“I’ve attended many different training and sales courses and this content was very new for me – that’s saying a lot! I learned about different techniques and the consultative sales process is a game changer! This sales process can also be applied to recruiting and we’re going to do that right away.”

– Priya Sipp, Nurse Next Door

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