Healthcare Leadership Certification Workshop

Certified leaders are pivotal in fostering high-performing teams that enhance operational efficiency, quality, and growth.

CHAP’s Leadership Certification provides cutting-edge education in a vibrant learning environment, equipping participants with a prestigious credential to accelerate their professional advancement. Start with a two-day workshop in San Diego, CA, October 8 – 9, and then engage in a six-month journey with cohort-based microlearning modules.

Our Healthcare Leadership Certification Workshop is designed to foster transformative experiences and outcomes.

In healthcare, finding time for leadership development can be a challenge, yet the need for advanced skills and knowledge is more crucial than ever. CHAP’s Leadership Certification Workshop provides leaders with convenient access to essential training, helping them stay ahead in a competitive landscape. This workshop is designed to equip leaders with the tools needed to excel, offering a streamlined and effective pathway to certification that acknowledges their busy schedules and strategic goals.

A Leadership Certification is perfect if you want to:

The curriculum is built around the following pillars. Here is what you can expect to learn:

Master Diverse Leadership Styles

Learn to adapt and apply different leadership styles to suit various situations and team dynamics. This approach enhances your flexibility and effectiveness as a leader, enabling you to meet organizational goals and employee needs more efficiently.

Enhance Coaching Techniques

Develop advanced coaching skills that empower you to foster growth, boost morale, and enhance the performance of your team members. By becoming a better coach, you contribute directly to the professional development of your staff and the overall success of your healthcare organization.

Navigate Diverse Personalities

Gain insights into managing a wide range of personalities in the workplace. Understanding and adapting to diverse behaviors and needs can lead to a more harmonious work environment and improve team collaboration and productivity.

Implement Effective Leadership Strategies

Discover proven strategies that enhance decision-making, conflict resolution, and team motivation. Equip yourself with the tools to build a resilient team that can navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

How Certification Works

Attend the Workshop

Immerse yourself in our transformative two-day leadership workshop led by industry experts. Dive into dynamic sessions, case studies, and interactive discussions.

Critical Capstone Project

Then, engage in a six-month journey with cohort-based microlearning modules:

  • Real-World Focus: Design your capstone project around actual challenges in your field, ensuring the outcomes address practical issues relevant to your professional role.
  • Collaborative Process: Work closely with industry professionals and stakeholders throughout your project for valuable insights and support that enhance real-world implementation.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Develop solutions that are sustainable, cost-effective, and scalable, aiming for a lasting impact and positive contributions to your field.

Earn a Certification

Upon completion, receive the Certified Healthcare Leader© (CHLead©) credentials. Showcase your expertise with a digital badge for LinkedIn and business cards, job postings, etc.

Lead with Impact

Empower yourself to lead effectively, drive organizational success, and foster team engagement. Become a leader who transforms challenges into opportunities for growth and excellence.

Meet your Facilitators

Daniel Stephens

Senior Vice President, Center for Excellence

Jan Sweat

Vice President of Learning Solutions

Keith Rosen

Profit Builders

Author & CEO

Marcylle Combs, BS, MS, RN, CHCE

Owner, MAC Legacy

Microlearning Facilitator