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Accreditation is a process, not an event.  The process includes access to and adherence with a set of quality and performance standards geared to drive performance above the minimum standard. For organizations seeking to excel, the external standards and on-site validation and consultation by industry experts provide exceptional value.  CHAP’s broadly structured nationally recognized Standards of Excellence provide insight into best practices for quality and performance.  Since it is not an operations manual, CHAP can provide standards that encompass a much broader set of guidance about the structures and processes that lead to quality outcomes. 

CORE standards reflect a broad overview of requirements fundamental to the sound operation of any community based organization which partner with CHAP’s series of service-line specific Standards of Excellence to provide a complete foundation for quality practice.  Structured to support myriad business structures, CHAP’s standards provide guidance and support to all community based provider organizations from start-ups to seasoned national firms, owner operated single or multi-locations, and single or multi-service line organizations.

Access to an ever growing array of educational offerings designed to help further understand the Standards of Excellence or their underlying requirements is now available to accompany the Standards in guiding and supporting organizations seeking validation of quality through accreditation.  The accreditation process actively involves the organization through the Self Study and Site Visit process and further engages the organization in continuous performance improvement through Plan of Correction, focus visits, and renewal of accreditation process.

CHAP provides support through a media kit to ensure its accredited organizations can also communicate its accredited status to the community at large as a public acknowledgement of its achievement of this valuable affirmation of quality.  CHAP has recognized deeming authority in all 50 states and enjoys approved status for licensure proxy in several states.  CHAP accreditation is also recognized by most payers for credentialing in payer networks and CHAP provides assistance with communication and verification with payers as needed.  CHAP has approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide deemed status Medicare certification for home health and hospice as well as DMEPOS providers.  This validation can result in a multitude of business opportunities for the community based care provider.

CHAP is committed to providing the greatest value for your accreditation investment. Your customers look for CHAP accreditation as their assurance that your programs or facilities are of the highest quality. Payers recognize CHAP accreditation as a demonstration of superior performance for their clients. As a service provider, you have the advantage of clearly defined and internationally accepted standards to ensure that your services remain among the elite for excellence.


With CHAP, it's easy to be better.  Learn more about the CHAP accreditation process in our six step, easy to follow process.

CHAP provides accreditation services for the following nine services:

The CHAP accreditation process utilizes the “CHAP Standards of Excellence” that are driven by considerations of management, quality, client outcomes, adequate resources and long term viability.

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As a benefit of CHAP accreditation, CHAP regularly publishes an up-to-date listing of all accredited organization locations in its online accredited agency lookup tool.  Use this tool to search by agency name or to search by location.

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