Transformational Growth Consulting from Proven Industry Experts

Rapidly changing market dynamics, regulatory requirements, and customer expectations are adding new challenges to the community-based healthcare industry.

Differentiation is more important than ever before. Is your organization stuck in neutral?

Healthcare sales has changed dramatically. The pandemic made accessing referral sources more complex than ever, and this level of difficulty might be the new normal. It’s more important than ever to bring value. Frustrations with referral patterns, closed networks, and insufficient time to make the changes to your sales organization can slow or prevent growth.


You Need a Strategic Plan for Growth

Without growing and developing the sales team, the same problems happen over and over. Growth is achieved through an all-hands-on-deck coordinated effort.

CHAP’s Growth Solutions service brings clarity, confidence, and support that positions your organization for consistent, accelerated growth.

  • Finding a qualified candidate is harder than ever
  • Managed care is a challenge to accept and get a contract
  • Utilizing the wrong messaging, frequency, cadence hinders differentiation
  • Not providing feedback, coaching, and performance evaluation stalls sales team
  • It’s hard to grow an account because referral source turnover is high
  • Salespeople are calling on new people in new roles constantly
  • The intake process is a challenge for organizations to perfect
Growth Solutions Meeting

CHAP Provides: Evaluation, Assessment, Implementation, Guidance

CHAP’s Growth Solutions team will work alongside you to develop a plan to boost admissions and revenue through strategic solutions tailored to your market, referral sources, and agency’s needs. After a detailed evaluation of your current sales and marketing efforts, our team will provide proven strategies, tactics, and training to grow referrals, admissions, and census ethically and compliantly. 

  • Territory mapping
  • Quarterly business planning
  • Consultative sales training and certification
  • Using data to identify your market differentiators
  • Cadence of accountability tactics that will drive results and increase communication
  • Identify and leverage crucial managed care opportunities
  • Scale your sales team
  • Planning and strategy
  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Frequencies and territory optimization
  • Coaching
  • Leadership development

Suppose you’re not at the place to afford high-level executive sales leadership talent.  In that case, we offer an affordable option to have a successful, experienced team grow through interim leadership, oversight, develop leadership tools, mentorship, coaching, training, and strategy.