Need a little extra help preparing for accreditation?

CHAP’s Certified Consultant Program helps to prepare external consultants with the most up to date information regarding CHAP standards when working with organizations seeking and maintaining CHAP Accreditation.

CHAP Certified Consultants are consultants who have met CHAP’s training requirements and adhere to CHAP’s standards for consulting. Consultants must renew this distinction every three (3) years through continued education and practice in the specialty.

CHAP does not provide guidance for operating as a consultant and does not endorse any specific consultant or consulting firm. Using any consultant or consulting firm listed in this resource does not guarantee accreditation by CHAP. Organizations seeking consultants are encouraged to properly vet the consultant or agency using interview questions and requests for referrals in determining whether or not to utilize the services of that consultant.

To download a copy of our current CHAP Certified Consultants with contact information, click the button below.

CHAP Certified Consultant List

Distinguish your business by becoming a CHAP Certified Consultant!

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with consultant services through congruent application of the CHAP Standards.
  • Promote completion of Consultant Certification program on the CHAP Standards and site visit process to your existing and potential clients.
  • Display of your logo and contact information on the CHAP Certified Consultants listing on the CHAP website and Resource Guide with a click through to your website or email address.
  • License to display the CHAP Certified Consultant Mark on your website, business cards or marketing materials.
  • Ongoing communication related to changes in standards or accreditation process.
  • Discounts on CHAP Education programming.

The CHAP Certified Consultant Program is intended only for external consultants who prepare either hospice or home health providers for CHAP accreditation. We do not offer this program for any other service line/specialty area at this time. 

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Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) does not endorse any specific consultant or consulting firm.