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Jennifer Kennedy

HOST: Jennifer Kennedy

Dr. Jennifer Kennedy is the VP of quality and standards at CHAP.  She has more than 35 years of experience as a leader and nurse in diverse healthcare settings and has worked in hospice and palliative care for the last 20+ years.

She has a doctoral degree in health care education and policy, a dual master’s degree in health education and case management, a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and is a certified healthcare compliance professional.

Jennifer serves as faculty at national and state conferences, writes articles for the trade journals, contributes to and reviews health care publisher materials, and develops education and resources for hospice and palliative care providers. She also teaches Graduate Health Care Administration courses at the university level.

Episode 10: Advance Care Planning and Shared Decision-Making

October 5, 2022
Advance Care Planning is a process, not a one-time event that includes an individual and their loved ones. People’s goals change over time. As we saw with Covid-19, many patients changed their minds regarding ventilators and life support. Stephanie Anderson from Respecting Choices says it’s not just enough to educate about advance care planning but about introducing “shared decision-making.” Learn more about these conversations and what you need to focus on when implementing.

Episode 9: Palliative Care in Rural New Mexico – Innovation Spotlight

September 6, 2022
Starting palliative care in rural New Mexico has its challenges. Education, billing, adding clinicians from other care settings, and referral source alignment, to name a few. Jacob Martinez from Mountain Home Health and Hospice talks about their steps to build a thriving program that has improved their quality and gives patients the care they need.

Episode 8: Palliative Care in the Community

August 2, 2022
Kathleen Kerr from Transforming Care Partners joins Jennifer Kennedy to talk about how Palliative Care providers and payers address the questions/uncertainties regarding what to provide, to whom, by whom, how to assess, and a lot of variation in those elements.

Episode 7: The Home Health Episode

July 5, 2022
Jennifer Kennedy talks to Maria Warren, VP of Clinical Consulting Services from McBee about what’s involved in optimally managing an episode of care for a patient, episode management in value-based purchasing, and its impact on quality.

Episode 6: Health Equity – CMS Strategy and Provider Gaps

May 31, 2022
We know that health disparities have existed in various ways, but it took a pandemic to shine a light on a critical topic. How do we increase access to quality care and serve the underserved? Jennifer Kennedy and Nicole M. Davis tackle the newly posted CMS Framework for Health Equity and talk about what this means for providers. Check out our Health Equity blog for more information.

Episode 5: Hospice Physician Dictation and Engagement with Dr Amy Moss and Jason Banks

May 3, 2022
In this episode, Jennifer Kennedy talks with Dr. Amy Moss from Amedisys, and Jason Banks from nVoq about what it’s like to be a medical director in 2022. They discuss the ever-evolving role of the physician in hospice, and how to use technology to help your hospice physician deliver on the expectation of documentation while weaving a beautiful patient story and narrative.

Episode 4: Contractor Can of Worms with Sharon Litwin

April 5, 2022
“Contractor Can of Worms” – the new vaccine mandate has put a new layer of inspection on records kept about contract employees. Jennifer Kennedy talks with Sharon Litwin about what else to be mindful about when bringing on a staffing agency.

Episode 3: Physician Perspectives with Dr. Khai Nguyen

March 2, 2022
Jennifer Kennedy speaks to our National Medical Director, Dr. Khai Nguyen. Hear answers to important questions like what does a physician look for in an in-home care provider, how providers can gain or lose a physician’s trust, and learn about what needs he sees today in the geriatric population.

Episode 2: Introducing CHAPcast

January 31, 2022
Welcome – Thanks for listening to our first episode. Subscribe to hear all the new episodes the day they are published.

Episode 1: Hospice Survey Updates and Enforcement – What You Need to Know

January 31, 2022
In this episode – Dr. Jennifer Kennedy and Kim Skehan from Simitree Consulting sit down to discuss updates to the hospice survey and enforcement changes.