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CHAP provides the training, certification, and accreditation tools you’ll need to deliver the highest quality care. Accreditation provides the standards you need. Education and certification programs help ensure your standards are delivered day after day.



CHAP Accreditation is a gateway to building a strong relationship with payors while CHAP Standards ensure quality and ongoing compliance. The CHAP seal has been a symbol of trust and quality to consumers for over 55 years.

Disease Program Certification

A CHAP Certified Disease Program proves you have a consistent, well-executed framework of care that can lead to reduced hospital readmissions, higher patient satisfaction, and increased public quality ratings. All this leads to new opportunities to increase your organization’s census and growth, while simultaneously reducing employee turnover and increasing engagement.

Growth Solutions

CHAP Growth Solutions consultatively transforms the complexity of the healthcare-at-home industry into opportunities for growth. The team of multidisciplinary experts works alongside you to develop a scalable plan to boost admissions and revenue through strategic solutions tailored to your market, referral sources, and agency needs.


Career Certification

Career Certifications strengthen sales and operations performance and add credibility to your value proposition that helps you grow. The Certifications are designed to help organizations build leadership fundamentals, execute continuous quality improvement techniques and systems, as well as manage and design tactics to improve safety, satisfaction, and outcomes.

Solely Focused on Care in the Home

CHAP is solely focused on care and services in the home. Every standard and process you will encounter is designed specifically for organizations like you, not inpatient care. The needs of your organization change as you grow. From opening your doors and achieving Medicare certification to building an infrastructure to support a larger team that keeps expanding – you need a partner that grows and adapts to your needs.

We Accredit Thousands of Providers Across Seven Specialties:

Home Health

Home Health



Home Care

Home Care

Palliative Care

Palliative Care



Home Infusion Therapy

Home Infusion Therapy



Better Standards Are Closer Than You Think

CHAP’s patient-centered, partner-focused philosophy completely changes the dynamic of accreditation and creates an environment of learning and improvement. CHAP standards are non-prescriptive. The recognition that not every provider and community is the same sets CHAP apart, enabling your mission and vision to drive the delivery of care. 

At the same time, performance-improving training for community-based care is often challenging, inconsistent, and expensive. CHAP has convenient, cost-effective solutions to make everything from orientation, career ladders, and succession planning; seamless.

Serving Beyond Accreditation

The combination of our common sense standards, accessibility, and education are crucial to providers like you to navigate the road ahead.

Customer Performance Indicators

Your CPIs are our KPIs. We measure our success by giving our partners an experience that enables them to achieve the desired and expected outcome that they value. Clinical quality, operational effectiveness, and growth for our partners, guides every decision we make about how we serve you.



Crucial Updates

A collection of blogs/podcasts/news – etc: keeping you up to date and ahead of the curve

122% increase from 2023



4+ Star Agencies

CHAP-accredited home health agencies achieve 4+ stars, 5.1% more than non-CHAP-accredited agencies



Patients Treated

Number of patients treated at CHAP-accredited home health or hospice agency between 2022 Q3 and 2023 Q2

3.84% increase from 2023



Hospice Agencies

of CHAP-accredited hospice agencies have an HCI at or above 8

3.2% increase from 2023



Verified Products

Tools and resources that improve the delivery of high-quality care

87% increase from 2023



Certified Consultants

That have passed CHAP’s competency requirements

107% increase from 2023

“CHAP standards align with Medicare Conditions of Participation and regulatory framework to support Compassus at the enterprise level, the community level and for every clinician with confidence that care delivery is meeting the highest standards. The CHAP standards framework provides guidance through documentation, policies, and the format of delivering care. Compassus has been tracking our survey outcomes over the past five years, providing health care system partners with demonstrable evidence of survey outcomes and assurance that improvement occurs when needed. We utilize the standards to go beyond compliance and target ways to improve quality and care delivery.”

– Jennifer Hale MSN, RN, CHPN, CPHQ, VP Clinical Quality, COMPASSUS

“Our growth through startups has been one of our strongest strategies. Opening several locations each year requires a solid plan and partners to help you succeed. Step one is finding the right people to run our organization. Step two is ensuring our culture and the care we provide is the top priority. Step three is investing and committing to our greatest asset – our people – through education and advancement opportunities. We do a lot of startups; CHAP is our partner, helping us open doors quickly and deficiency-free. With a responsive and timely startup plan, CHAP helps us succeed.”

– Anne Nisley, Vice President of Clinical Operations, Suncrest Care

“Through complex partnerships and organic growth, our partnership has helped us realize opportunities for innovation and growth because of flexible, non-hospitalized standards. Being a multi-state, multi-specialty provider, you truly understand the benefit of CHAP. We established our hospice decision usign CHAP standards as a playbook to build our business line. Using the education resources to keep your team current and proficient has been crucial.”

– Bayada Home Health Care

“When looking for an agency for accreditation, I was looking for a partner in education that will help us deliver the best practice care as well as provide a strong foundation for growth. After this last site visit, I believe we made the right decision with CHAP.”

Kelly Smith, BSN, RN, Owner, Nestcare

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