Why Accreditation, Why CHAP?


CHAP is committed to providing the greatest value for your accreditation investment. Your customers look for CHAP accreditation as their assurance that your programs or facilities are of the highest quality. Payers recognize CHAP accreditation as a demonstration of superior performance for their clients. As a service provider, you have the advantage of clearly defined and internationally accepted standards to ensure that your services remain among the elite for excellence.

Why accreditation?  

  • Validation by objective external review:

Accreditation provides objective non-biased third-party review to ensure a provider has policies and procedures compliant with current state and federal regulations and industry standards of practice and care, and consultation and education by industry experts, who can help coach, educate and inspire organization staff to achieve higher levels of performance.

  • Performance above the minimum standard:

In today's competitive market, if you are the best and can prove it, customers will choose you. Simply meeting the minimum standard may put your organization in the game, but demonstrating performance that voluntarily earned recognition from a nationally recognized body for exceeding the minimum standard improves the structure and function of the organization, positioning it for growth and long term viability.

  • Growth through marketing differentiation:

Promoting accreditation through marketing efforts communicates to customers and stakeholders your organization has met accreditation standards and differentiates your organization as a cut above the others.

  • Recognized by payers:

Many payers recognize accreditation and approve participate in provider networks for those organizations who have demonstrated quality and adherence to high standards of care through accreditation.

  • Recognized by consumers:

More and more, consumers look for accreditation as a reassuring seal of quality as they select a provider for themselves or loved ones.

  • Compliance with state and federal regulations:

Accreditation provides a solid foundation for continuous quality improvement focused on compliance and quality. As state and federal regulations change, accreditation provides the framework for easy updates to practice, policies and procedures.

  • Demonstrated dedication to continuous performance improvement:

With budgets tight and many competing priorities, accreditation demonstrates a commitment to quality by showing consumers and stakeholders through resource obligation your organization’s steadfastness.


  • Most experience:

Founded in 1965, CHAP is the oldest community-based accreditation program with the most experience of any other accrediting organization and the oldest national community-based accrediting body.

  • Only community-based standards by and for the industry:

CHAP standards are relevant to community-based care and aren't retrofitted from standards created for institutions or facility-based care providers.

  • Self-directed process:

CHAP standards are written in plain language and are easy to follow. While many providers choose to use consultant assistance with accreditation, many other providers follow our self-directed process reducing costs associated with accreditation and increasing the return on investment it offers. Our electronic self study and plan of correction provide dynamic tools to measure progress against goals and a collaborative toolset for teams.

  • Practical, not prescriptive:

CHAP standards provide useful guidance and structure, and are also flexible to accommodate many business models. The standards detail necessary requirements and components of policies and procedures. Providers are encouraged to use this framework to detail how they meet requirements in providing their own brand of care.

  • Educative and Consultative process:

From application to accreditation, CHAP central office staff and site visitors provide an educative approach to share best practices and compliance techniques with seasoned counsel and a focus on excellent customer service.

  • Deemed status option:

Providers who seek deemed status reduce the number of site visits from different agencies, as CHAP accreditation can replace state surveys.

  • Site visitors with direct service line experience:

At CHAP, our site visitors are all masters prepared professionals with direct management and practice experience in the services they survey. This means a pharmacist will not lead a survey for home health provider just as a nurse will not lead a survey for a pharmacy. All CHAP site visitors are CHAP employees so they can provide consultative and educative counsel with no other drivers save for quality.

  • Ongoing provider education:

CHAP provides regular education sessions in workgroups, committees and electronic webinars. We record each live webinar and post it to our website so that attendees can download session materials and those who cannot attend live sessions can download or view webinars online to learn at their own pace.

  • Cost effective with return on investment:

CHAP accreditation is generally more affordable than other accrediting organizations and is payable in interest-free annual payments. All CHAP fees are inclusive of all aspects of the three-year accreditation and are outlined clearly in the accreditation contract. We believe CHAP accreditation is a process, not an event. Organizations that use our process to improve their performance provide higher quality products and services. And we believe if you are better and can prove it, customers will choose you.

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